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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Memories. Hiding in the corners of my mind....

So I've been out of work for almost four months now, and as such, have been living in tees and juicies for the most part.  Mind you, when I go out somewhere (such as the grocery store or even "The Walmart"), I of course dress appropriately, say, in a tee and cargo pants.  But, with the possibility of employment looming (I'm optimistic, okay??), I find myself needing to get my summer work wardrobe organized.  Normally this is a somewhat enjoyable (read: time-limited) task for me, but now, there's a problem.  You see, there was a day back in early March where I decided I was going to DE-CLUTTER and dedicated an entire day to same. I became a whirling dervish of organization and cleaned out all of the upstairs closets.  BAGS of clothes, shoes, purses and whathaveyou were given to charity, leaving my closets neat and half-empty and yours truly soooo freakin' happy :) 

Fast forward to today.  Summer work wardrobe needs to be assessed and organized.  But holy hell, where are all my summer work clothes?? I mean, I found some, but definitely not ALL of them.  Did I throw them out or give them away?  Did I put them somewhere else?  Did I take some to the dry cleaner and forget about them?  All questions that can only be answered with the phrase that has become one of the Top Ten phrases I utter every day... "I don't remember".....<sigh>.  Memories, hiding in the corners of my mind....I don't know how to retrieve them!  Does anyone???? 

One thing that's making me very happy these days is the weather around these parts :), cloudy, and rainy.  Always my favourite weather system, and especially so at this time of year, when it could so easily be hot, sunny and blech-y.  And it will be that, any day now, so I'm thanking the Universe for this respite from the brutality that is summer, while I'm bracing myself for the inevitable.  <sigh> 95 days until September 1 and you'd better believe I'm counting....

OH, and I will also take this opportunity to post about the perfect peachy-coral lip gloss, which I found this week at the MAC counter :) The new, "Surf Baby" collection hit counters on Thursday, so naturally I was there first thing in the a.m. to check it out.  I exercised great restraint and only purchased two products, as follows:

My Paradise Cheek Powder - probably the star of the collection, certainly one which has been buzzed about on the blogs the most.  I have to give MAC props as this is a really beautiful and somewhat unique colour - a deep, intense peach with a generous overlay of gold sparkle.  Kudos, MAC :)  BUT.  The price is out of line, dudes.  $32.00 for a mere 12g of product??  Come on, now.  You're not Chanel, okay?  Remember who your customers are and get some sense.  I mean, yes, I bought it in spite of the ridiculous price, but I DON'T have any sense. 

Strange Potion Lipglass - the aforementioned perfect peachy-coral lip gloss.  And it really is perfect :)  The perfect shade, the perfect level of shimmer (are the shimmers gold or silver?...they're so subtle I can't even tell...) and perfect pigmentation.  This gloss appears on my lips exactly as it appears in the tube, which was enough to make me exclaim (loudly), "Ooooh, awesome!!!" the moment I tried it on in the store.  LOVE :) 

And now I must go and prepare a, "Summer Work Clothes I Need to Purchase" list :)  Thanks to any/all who read my ramblings.  Your comments are always welcome.



  1. That lipglass sounds beautiful..any purply colours there? Wish I loved shopping as much as you, maybe you have a future as a personal shopper for your blogfans!

  2. Why are you guys calling it a lipglass?? Lol, you did in one place Cath, and now Evely has a well. I believe it's gloss...or perhaps crushed up glass is what's giving it that undefineable glitter?? Great blog Cath, keep it coming!